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US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair were founded in 1972 to take advantage of a (then) revolutionary new protective coating product manufactured in the USA which significantly upgraded the quality of marine pump repairs. This facility has continued to be developed.
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Over the years, the business has built up a wealth of technical knowledge and utilised it to ensure our customers receive the best possible advice and input. We regularly prevent expensive pumps and motors from being replaced by applying innovative yet practical repair solutions and can often extend the life of the pump or motor by several years. This technical expertise has been and continues to be disseminated into our qualified and apprentice engineers to ensure continuity and continuous improvement.


As with all types of component and unit repair and overhaul, corners can always be cut to reduce cost but invariably at the expense of quality, reliability, performance and longevity. We take the view that it is the whole life cost of the product that is essential rather than the initial price paid for the work. This means that our customers who are operating ships, manufacturing plants or processing operations will not necessarily get the cheapest up front price, but will get a price that ensures reliable long term performance.

Master UK
Distributor for
Garbarino pumps.

We have enjoyed a working relationship with Pompe Garbarino, who are one of Italy’s leading independent manufacturers of pumps and pump spares, for many years. With a reputation for excellent quality and service, Garbarino pumps are fitted into many UK industrial operations and some extremely well known cruise ships. We also offer a spares service to enable customers with Garbarino pumps to service their units.

OEM standard
spares for pump

As with pump, motor and other unit repair work, we take the view that there is absolutely no point in using inferior materials, cutting corners and skimping on quality control and inspection when it comes to manufacturing or sourcing spare parts. All of the spares we offer have a fully signed off specification. We apply strict control over all processes so that we have complete confidence that our customers receive spares which are at least up to the standard of the original component.
The technical knowledge built up over many years’ means that US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair has the in-house capability to repair pumps and associated equipment which would previously have been replaced, thus often saving customers cost and time in replacing a faulty item.
However, if the situation requires a new pump or motor, most types can be sourced at competitive prices. In recent times, the emphasis has changed to US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair supplying OEM standard spares for pump repairs on ships based overseas and offers an extensive range for virtually all types of marine pumps.
Sole UK Agents for Garbarino Pumps of Italy:
Customer Focus.
Our business is focused on delivering exceptional service to our customers which we achieve by:
  • Creating a culture in the business of going the extra mile to deliver what the customer wants
  • Listening to what the customers want
  • Doing it right the first time, every time
  • Investing in developing and training our staff in the latest technologies and processes
  • Investing in the latest manufacturing, inspection and testing equipment
  • Providing emergency breakdown services.