Founded in 1972 by an
ex Royal Navy Commander

History. in-depth.
The business was founded by an ex Royal Navy Commander when he came across a protective coating product manufactured in the USA which he started selling to marine pump manufacturers and repairers worldwide. The next step was to start repairing and refitting pumps onto ships on a worldwide basis followed by offering associated repairs such as motors and fans. In recent years, we have added the supply of new pumps and motors along with a vast range of spare parts to our portfolio.
1972 US Marine History
US Marine Founded
US Marine
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair was formed as a joint venture between the Conhagen family, USA and the Tunstall family, UK.

It operated from shared premises until 1975 when it moved to a dedicated workshop in Stanningley.

Total employees = 3 + 1 family.
1978 US Marine History
New Sales Representative
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair
In 1978 Simon Tunstall joined as sales representative, initially looking at the existing marine side of the business and expanding into the industrial sector.

Clients included; Major petrochemical, manufacturing and processing operations.

Total employees 6 + 2 family.
1980 US Marine History
New Premises
US Marine
In 1980 US Marine moved to better premises, this included a new 5000 square foot site plus a separate site for the shotblasting and coating division.
1981 US Marine History
New Boring Machine
US Marine
In 1981 US Marine installed a new large boring machine to cover most pump repairs.

Total employees 10 + 2 family.
1984 US Marine History
New Opportunities
US Marine
In 1984 we started working with the Greek shipping companies, initially from Monaco then direct from Piraeus and Athens.
1988 US Marine History
Shareholder Buyout
US Marine
In 1988 The Conhagen’s were bought out, and the company started selling spare parts, all manufactured in house.
1990 US Marine History
A New Joint Venture
US Marine
In 1990 US Marine started a joint venture working with Halliday Engineering based in Sydney, Australia – that covered the Europe/far east trade for shipping and equipment servicing with common customers.
1991 US Marine History
New Premises
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair - Business Location
In 1991 we moved to the Grangefield Industrial estate a factory of 15,750 square foot including the workshop area.

Total employees 14 workshop, 7office + general manager and Spares manager + 2 family.
1991 - 1994 US Marine History
Engineering Investment
US Marine
In 1991-1994 US Marine invested in modern engineering equipment, including; CNC lathe, dynamic balancing and vibration analysis equipment plus more staff and machinery to boost our production and flexibility.
1994 - 1997 US Marine History
New Opportunities
US Marine
In 1994-1997 US Marine began working with Maritime Overseas Shipping USA, a large tanker and bulk fleet servicing and supplying marine pump parts for 12 years.
1995 US Marine History
New Opportunities
US Marine
In 1995 US Marine began working in the middle east with the gulf fleets for parts and pump repairs, clients included Kuwait Oil Tanker Co and United Arab Shipping.

Total employees 18 workshop, 9 office general manager and Spares manager + 2 family.
1999 - 2010 US Marine History
Working Globally
US Marine
Between 1999-2010 US Marine constantly had service engineers abroad working on ships, at sea or in dry docks all over world, including; Singapore, Dubai, Florida and Europe.
2004 US Marine History
A New Joint Venture
US Marine
In 2004 US Marine started a joint venture with The Kanoo Group in Bahrain, a new factory 9000 square feet area, plus machinery and ran parallel with the Leeds facility.

Worked with existing clients ships plus some local facilities – The Bahraini employees numbered 7 workshop plus a general manager.
2005 US Marine History
New Partner
US Marine
In 2005 Garbarino Pumps, Italy appointed US Marine & IPR as their UK representative for pump & spare parts supply.
2005 US Marine History
A major global oil business
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair - Oil Tanker
In 2005 US Marine started working for a major global oil business across the UK. This brought in a lot of direct repair work. Our experience to innovate particular repair techniques to save older pumps was to the fore. This involved a lot of retro fitting of the latest mechanical seals and environmental controls to bring a major global oil businesses environmental policy up to date.
2008 US Marine History
The Passing of R J Tunstall
In 2008 R J Tunstall sadly passed away.
2009 US Marine History
End of an Era
In 2009 US Marine stopped the Bahrain connection as shipping moved away from the area and the industrial work was not viable. Total employees 36 + 1 family.
1990 - 2010 US Marine History
A Diverse Portfolio
US Marine
From 1990-2010 US Marine had good contracts with several Water Companies and industrial plants in the Power Generation and Chemical sections.
2008 - 2015 US Marine History
Online Opportunities
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair - Online Opportunities
From 2008-2015 US Marine saw the take over from direct sales to mainly internet based for manufactured parts, we installed the latest technology available and joined several marine portals.

All of this generated a lot more work for US Marine but less requirement for employees. The company was down sized in 2013 by 30% and we reduced the overseas site work to an acceptable level.

Total employees 24 + 1 family (2013).
2015 - 2020 US Marine History
Internet Driven Sales
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair
Between 2015 – 2020 US Marine saw a steady growth in internet driven sales, whilst repair work remained within our workshop facilities.
2015 - 2020 US Marine History
Reduction in Workforce
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair - The Team
In 2017 – employees reduced again.
2020 - 2021 US Marine History
New Partnership
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair - Westin Engineering
In 2020-2021 US Marine started working with the Westin group with the repair engineering.
2021 US Marine History
Westin Group Buyout
US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair - Huddersfield Business Location
In 2021 Westin Group agreed to purchase US Marine & IPR in its entirety, US Marine continues to operate from new premises with the same management team. Employees 4 + 1 family.
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This is a great win... this method of repairs adds value to our maintenance programme.
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