Part of the Westin Group,
based in Huddersfield...

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We have recently merged with Westin Group which incorporates engineering businesses in the repair, overhaul and precision engineering sectors. This also includes Westin, a manufacturer of high quality domestic kitchen cooker hoods.

US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair business has been relocated to the main Westin operation in Huddersfield.

Well-equipped facilities in Huddersfield enable US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair to use the most modern equipment and machinery to undertake inspection, repairs, overhaul, testing and component manufacturing.

As a result of the merger, we can now offer a much wider range of new motors, servo motors, inverters and drives as well as specialist repair work on other items.

Specialising in repairing, rewinding and servicing industrial electric motors and designing and installing control systems.
Subcontract CNC machining specialist – from CNC turning and milling to gear cutting and grinding, they meet your needs from concept to delivery.
US Marine
Designing and manufacturing cooker hoods using state-of-the-art precision machinery, they hand finish every hood using traditional factory methods.