As well as the marine
market we service other
industrial sectors;
Industrial and Marine.

As well as supplying the global marine market, we also service other industrial sectors such as petrochemical, food manufacturing, metal processing, mining and quarrying. The customers we serve include the largest fleet operators, multinational petrochemical operators, manufacturers of household brands and many other well-known companies.
With our new facilities and extended product range, we are aiming to increase our presence in existing sectors and also explore business opportunities in the UK utilities market, the marine engineering market and large infra structure projects.


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Used upstream to help in the process of pumping crude oil and during the refining process and in moving liquid chemicals from one process to the next. In the fuel and chemical distribution market, pumps are used to load tankers. Many of the pumps operate at high rates of flow and pressure. These factors, along with the viscous and toxic nature of many of the products means that the pumps require regular servicing and maintenance. All pumps we repair in this sector would be coated to offer extra protection from corrosion.
The biggest user of pumps in the utilities market is the water industry. Positive displacement pumps or centrifugal pumps are used to force water or waste into discharge pipes and submersible pumps are used in slurry or waste water to add power to the pumping process. Submersible pumps in particular operate in harsh conditions and coating is highly recommended after repair or servicing.
Food processing.
The brewing and beverage industry uses mainly centrifugal pumps to move liquids from one process to the next and the food industry typically uses pumping technology to unload fluids from delivery vehicles. They are also used in the coating process for some foodstuffs. Many pumps used in the food processing sector are manufactured from stainless steel for hygiene reasons.
Steel manufacturing.
With the huge amount of heat generated in the steel and metal processing sector, pumps are mainly used to deliver water to cool affected areas. They are also used in the descaling process. The types of pumps used are mainly centrifugal types.
Mining and quarrying.
Submersible pumps are mainly used to ensure the essential removal of water. Centrifugal pumps are used for delivering water to enable processing and washing.


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Ship management companies.
These businesses facilitate the maintenance and repair of shipping fleets. We supply quality new or repaired pumps and spares to any part of the world promptly.
Ship operators.
All ship operators require a reliable and efficient source for new or repaired pumps or spare parts to enable repair or service to take place on board or in dry dock. We work with a full range of pumps found on ships be it bilge pumps for removing slurry or waste, water/fire pumps, sewage and fuel pumps. Ships with fire pumps that are not operational are not allowed to operate. All marine pumps are coated by US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair to improve product life.
Marine engineers.
These are usually major port or harbour based organisations who offer any ship operator or management company, repair and maintenance services whilst a vessel is in port or dry dock. Most of these operators do not have the capability to repair pumps or other units so they usually sub contract the work out and then fit the repaired unit onto the ship.