Booster, axial, piston,
cavity, screw, process,
and centrifugal...

Pumps supply and repair/protective coatings. in-depth.
Booster, axial, piston, cavity, screw, process, centrifugal – we can inspect, repair, overhaul and test any type of marine or industrial pump up to 20 tonnes in weight! With extensive CNC and manual machining capability, shot blasting, balancing and test facilities, almost all of the work is carried out in house which ensures consistency of quality, workmanship and service. Our engineers are fully trained in all aspect of pump repair and testing.
  • Master UK distributor for Garbarino pumps
  • Exceptional customer focus
  • Vast experience
  • Outstanding technical support
  • On site visits and reporting
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Emergency breakdown service
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • Repaired back to OEM standard
  • Expert advise on coating
  • Market leadership in coating
We often coat the internal and some external surfaces of the pumps to provide additional protection and extend the life of pumps working in demanding conditions. With almost 50 years of experience, we can often save expensive pumps from otherwise being replaced by applying innovative and cost effective repair solutions.
The workshop is accredited to ISO 9001. Our service includes site visits to survey customer pumping requirements followed by a fully costed report with recommendations.
We can also facilitate the installation and commissioning of pumping systems using fully accredited and trained fitters. As well as high quality repair and overhaul work, we also source and supply new pumps of any type and application.
Protective Coatings. in-depth.
Where protective coating is required because of demanding operating environments, we apply this prior to final balancing.
Kinney Filter.
Our expertise in the repair and overhaul of pumps has resulted in us regularly being asked to undertake work on other large industrial machines and equipment. A large Kinney Filter was sent to us by a major UK based potash mining operation for a full overhaul. These types of filters are used in the mine to clear liquids of unwanted material and work in extremely harsh conditions up to 1400m deep under the North Sea.
The overhaul required dismantling of the filter, cleaning, (including shot blasting) and inspection of all parts. All reusable parts were cleaned, the top cover was machined to enable a new ring to be fitted, all sealing rings were replaced, the shaft was spiral welded and machined back and the filters will be cleaned out and replaced if necessary. Once the remedial work has been carried out, the new parts required will be fitted, the filter rebuilt and painted.