We can repair motors
of any type and size...

Motor and Rotating Machine Supply and Repair. in-depth.
With some of the latest winding, burn out, dipping machining, testing and balancing technology, we can repair motors of any type and size – Single Phase, Three Phase, Slip Ring, DC Field – up to 3.3KV. We have also invested significantly in surge testing of motors to diagnose and ensure that before being returned to the customer, the motor is in full working condition.
  • Vast product knowledge
  • Technical excellence
  • Full diagnostic and reporting service
  • Ex stock availability
  • Outstanding quality systems
Our engineers are certified Ex motor repairers and therefore qualified to repair motors which are flame proofed to work in hazardous conditions.
Our Group are an SKF Certified Rebuilder, an accredited distributor of Brook Crompton motors and an Approved Distributor and Repair Agent for WEG motors. Other makes of motors can be sourced and supplied when required.